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Artist Statement

I am a graphic designer and illustrator with a keen interest in metal sculpting. I obtained my graphic design and promotion management degree from East Central University in May 2022. Currently, I am pursuing a Master's degree in Art & Technology from the University of Oklahoma and expect to graduate in spring 2024. Another area of art that fascinates me is stop-frame animation.

You can find my work on display in the Ada OK Art District. I created a 6ft x 3ft metal sculpture of Bigfoot, featuring both positive and negative aspects, which is open for public viewing.

Art is essential to my life, and I enjoy observing people's interactions with my artwork. My artistic style involves taking subjects that may seem serious and infusing them with a creative twist. I love adding hidden "Easter eggs" in my pieces, which can take various forms, like an ant being ridden by a Bigfoot or an alien. You never know what surprises I might sneak into my work for viewers to discover.

My inspiration comes from contemporary artists like Jan Van Eyck, Kyle Lambert, and Drew Struzen. Here are my top three 3D artists Annibale Siconolfi, Daniel Medina, and Dolan Geiman. All these artists are an inspiration to me. I like to combine contemporary art with the new digital world. The viewers' reactions to my artwork are crucial to my creative process and are a measure of success. I enjoy witnessing people's reactions to my artwork, and it thrills me to bring a smile to their faces. Whether or not they grasp the narrative within a particular piece, they may still find that one piece of the puzzle that resonates with them.

My ultimate dream is to share my artwork with others and inspire them to appreciate art's beauty.

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