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James Poulin is a digital designer, sculptor, and animation creator with over ten years of experience. He specializes in designing animations, flyers, posters, brochures, and metal sculptures. James is known for displaying creative leadership and developing successful ad campaigns. He was also an assistant art professor and knows how to lead fellow artists and clients to achieve their goals.

James is a member of The National Society of Leadership and Success, Alpha Chi Honors Society, and Delta Alpha PI Honors Society. In 2020, James built a public metal sculpture of a positive and negative 3D sasquatch, measuring 6ft x 3ft, displayed in the Ada Art District in Ada, OK. He has also sculpted a 5ft x 3ft ant sculpture out of wire.


In 2021, James started an internship as a graphic designer in the marketing department of East Central University. Prior to college, he designed flyers for

haunted houses and softball team fundraisers. James has also designed for

non-charity organizations.


Vibrancy Online Art Show ,

Vibrant Cast 

Chicago, IL 2022

Hotter 'N Hell Art Show National Collegiate Art Exhibition, 2022, Natchitoches, LA

Te Ate Fisher Chickasaw Employee Art Show 2019 

Ada, OK 2019

ECU Student Art Show

Ada, OK 2020 

Ada Art Council                       
Ada, OK 2020

ECU Love Art Show                     
Ada, OK 2019


Ruth Walker Landrum Scholarship 2021

Grant Thorp Scholarship 2021

Gladys Kendall Art Scholarship 2021

Leon Polk Scholarship 2018

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James Poulin

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